Rant of the day #3: Bebo.com

Finally I’m gonna crack. The next person who sends me a Bebo.com “invite” is gonna be shouted at a fuck of a lot.

I got one sent to a fucking list this evening.

Now my take on these things (Friendster, Bebo, Orkut, Plaxo etc) is that if you want me to take the time to read your email, you can take the bloody time to make sure you know how to send it to me. Given that I own a .me.uk domain, as well as being owen at several organisations (FaxYourMP, Stand, NO2ID, inter alia), it’s not like it’s difficult.

Furthermore, I’d quite like to control mine own data, thanks. If I want to send it to random organisations that wish to give themselves the right to spam me, I’m quite capable of doing it myself.

A quick Google makes it apparent that they’re not the best people in the world, even if they are genuinely not intending to be evil. Though their apparent inability to have an obvious “don’t ever mail me again” functionality (which at least Plaxo have) certainly pisses me off.

But please let everyone get this into their fucking heads. I have no interest in signing up to a service that gives me no real benefit.

To quote David Adam (see links below):

Today, your actions caused me to be sent another e-mail asking if I would please provide all my personal details to http://www.bebo.com.

Let’s just think about that for a second. You’ve given my e-mail address to a commercial group who I’ve never met, and they (and you by corollary) are encouraging me to give all my information to a company:

  • who make their money by acquiring other people’s information;
  • who have a privacy policy that is subject to change without notice;
  • who acknowledge that they WILL use my personal information to ‘improve … marketing and promotional efforts’; and
  • who accept no responsibility if their servers are compromised and my personal information is disclosed.

Ummmm… no.

I could tell you to not take this personally. There wouldn’t be much point. You have now been added to the list of people who are (in my opinion) clueless about the Internet, and probably life in general. If you even read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of bebo.com before you signed up, I might be willing to reconsider my opinion, but I doubt it.

If you’re too lazy to find out from me (or other people) what I’m up to, then why do I care?

Got clue?

David Adam

So all of you who’ve not had a reply from me on Bebo, now you know why. Send a fucking reminder or a new request and I will not be nice to you when I next see you. Expect a fucking kicking. Even if you’re Scott.




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