Mixed day

Woke up this morning and saw snow. Very excited. There are two things guaranteed to turn me into a 7yo again — snow and Christmas presents under the tree just before midnight on Nadolig cyn.

So I took some pics, with the crappy ickle cam in my phone:

My back garden

My back garden again

Next door's garden

Got to work and helped RobG out with some C# stuff and some JScript stuff but — finally, after a week and a half of being scheduled to it — managed to get a full day’s work done on GEB, including writing the new Bond number validation in Java, of which I’m kinda proud (despite it being much less complex than the M&S Affiliates thing I wrote last year).

We had a deeply gay afternoon on the MP3 player, does it show? Screengrab from Audioscrobbler

Hur. Good line on Point Pleasant just now: “There’s nothing I admire more than a woman whose standards don’t include me”. Marti Noxon really does rule.

Awful journey home, though slept for much of it. Had to walk from Bow Road to Bow Church, as there was something awry with the Central line at Mile End. Had a sly sigarêt, though I’ve had much fewer than yesterday, which is something, at least.

evacuee posted a link to a really interesting article by Jonathan Freedland. Entitled The Elusive Rainbow, it’s about his (anecdotal) disappointment with how far South Africa hasn’t progressed since the fall of apartheid. And I still can’t get over how my baby brother won’t know anything about it, except from history books. Or the Cold War, as he was born 18 months after the Berlin Wall fell. How old do I feel?!

Saw an interesting site: Wimps is a child-oriented site rather like WriteToThem, the successor to FaxYourMP.com. I think it’s based in the Six Counties, though it seems to work for any UK postcode. Bit bright-and-cheerful, though. As Stef Magdalinksi put it, “I’ve never quite understood why people think that children hate usability.” Fair point.

Cor, Point Pleasant just finished and I’d forgotten how fucking awesome the last act of last week (well, this week)’s Desperate Housewives was. Wow. HBO really does make fucking good television. Which reminds me, I must get round to watching the second half of the last season of Sex and the City.

And oh my God. East Seventeen have a Best Of out. The self-control it’s gonna take not to buy it. I have to stop buying new DVDs for a while (four arrived today; three titles yesterday, including two big boxsets) and now I can’t reach the top of my not-yet-watched piles. And there’s nowhere to put more shelving in here, really. Oops.

Twas Grandma Richardson’s funeral in Plymouth today. Rest in Peace.



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