Crappy day. Woke up feeling nauseous, but went to work anyways. Somehow, managed to arrive at 0930 (the closest to my hypothetical 9am start that I’ve been in years) and before RobG!

I was very impressed with Des, who called at 10ish, presumably in the (well-founded) hope that I’d not have settled into work yet. Much better than 1600ish, when I snowed under and watching another deadline threatening to make that whooshing sound.

But things rapidly went downhill from there and I appear to have spent almost all of my morning sat on the loo, trying not to feel too rough, nauseous or floaty. So I popped a couple of Imodium and, when that didn’t really help all that much, decided I should head home, as I couldn’t concentrate on anything (and I still can’t work on GEB, as one of our development servers is fucked and it interfaces with the client’s business logic for us).

After spending far too long loading things onto my USB key (as the JDK on my home machine is fucked, which makes it rather more difficuilt to develop Java, not that I’ve done any work today), I got back onto the tube network and put my shiny new MP3 player back on (I’ve heard Spandau Ballet‘s Through the Barricades five or six times today; it’s one of my all-time favorite tracks).

Came via Liverpool Street, as the District line had multiple signal failures(!! thanks to the real-time TfL map for that info), so popped into WH Smith and bought the Western Mail and the Irish Independent, as well as Time, Wired and Attitude (which, shockingly, doesn’t have a website!). Read the Mail on the train and was shocked to find that it’s almost exclusively in English, which was really disappointing; I was looking forward to reading some news in Y Hen Iaith.

Got home a little after 1300 and just collapsed in bed, feeling pretty fucking dreadful. Work rang, so I talked my boss through how to deploy to another of our clients and then passed out for five hours.

Got up again and got distracted by my Wikiholism before arrived for the weekend, so we sat and chatted about music and DVDs and stuff and I showed off my shiny new MP3 player and made Ebby a cup of the lovely vanilla chai that Xpyda bought me ages ago, but that I can’t drink any more, as it’s all caffeinated.

Put on Somewhere, the Pet Shop Boys‘ DVD from their residency at the Savoy Theatre, back in 1997. (Almost all the audience appear to be male; how odd(!)) Really good acoustic version of Rent that I’m gonna have to find on MP3 (or get Scott to sample off the DVD for me); Deev will love it. I wonder if David saw that gig.

arrived back from work (at last) not so long ago, so he and his brother just popped out to Popstarz for the evening. Think I’m gonna do some more cartography for the Wikipedia, though I might just end up on the ‘dar “checking my messages”.



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