And now for the rant

Public transport in London today did NOT leave me happy today. I spent four hours not getting to the office.

Here’s a map of today’s journey — drawn on the 2016 tube map, cos that was easier to find. Pink is the way there (before giving up and heading home); orange is the way home. Blue is the Thames, obviously, which I left unfaded to help y’all work out what’s where; similarly the Circle line. And West Ken is still in color cos that’s where I was headed.

Map; click for larger version

So here’s the schedule:

Leave flat, go to bus stop immediately outside.
Get bus to Gant’s Hill station.
Arrive at Gant’s Hill (5 minutes’ bus or 10 minutes’ walk away, usually). Find there’s no Central line westbound. Find the bus stop is so crowded I can barely walk past. Walk back to Ilford.
Arrive Ilford station, having spoken on the phone with my boss and convinced him it makes more sense for me to work from the office than from home.
Get “on time” 0929 (or something) to Stratford.
Arrive Stratford (5 minutes’ journey from Ilford, usually). Wait five minutes to take Jubilee line to West Ham.
Arrive West Ham. Take District towards work, feeling gradually shittier and panickier.
Arrive Victoria (half an hour from West Ham) and get out to have an IBS/panic attack in the gents.
Finish panicking enough to head home; take Victoria line to King’s Cross.
Arrive King’s Cross (less that 25 minutes’ journey normally); change for Circle
Arrive Liverpool Street (less than 20 minutes’ journey normally). No overgrounds, walk to Central line platform.
Get a Central line train at last.
Arrive Gant’s Hill (less than half an hour normally). Get a bus home.
Arrive home, at last

So over four hours after leaving the flat, I get back, only to have to set things up to work from home. I’m tempted to move to *shudder* West London.

NOT impressed.

In better news, we got GEB ready to launch  :o)



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