I’m quoting here wholesale:

If any of you have signed up with Frienditto, please defriend me (I have not signed up for this service). This site enables people to get around the friends’ lock by utilizing your LJ password to access posts that only friends should have access to no matter the wishes of the author. If you have already signed up there, change your password for your LJ. It won’t undo the damage, but it will prevent the Frienditto people from being able to troll your friends’ list further.

Or — in Anglosaxon:

Signed up with Frienditto? BUGGER OFF.

He’s rather more polite about it than I would be, being generally more polite than I. If I make a post Friends Only, it’s because I want it to be only people I trust who can read it — and, importantly, I don’t want it getting onto Google. I’ve no idea (or interest in) what Frienditto is, but it sounds like an arsey way of getting round my freedom to choose to whom I express my innermost thoughts and fears. I trust y’all to respect that.

Thanks  :o)



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