Been at work early all week and, aside from being a bit tired because I’ve not quite worked out the going to bed as much earlier as I need bit yet, it’s not all that bad.

Work’s been mainly good. Finished the prizefinder cache stuff, which has been cool — another big Java project under my belt. The problem was quite simple: they need to publish a large amount of data once a month and make it searchable. This was being done on the business logic layer, but the increase in load each month when the details were published was causing problems (not least because script kiddies were scaping all the data for some reason). So we had to move it to the presentation layer.

But that would mean searching through megabytes of data — potentially for many concurrent sessions — so we need to cache the data into several files (a couple of hundred). But that means we need to parse megabytes of data into several files, whilst not degrading service on the rest of the site; so we need to parse the data without ever storing all of them in memory at one time. And we need to set a dæmon monitoring a directory in case new datafiles get uploaded.

All good fun.

And my next project is gonna be to take a photogallery client–server protocol and write some server software that goes somewhere between reverse-engineering an existing (Open Source) app and customising it, this time in C#. Should be fun.

District line was screwed on the way home, but I’d wandered to Earl’s Court with Paul, gossiping about men and sex all the way, so I took the Pic and fell into the evil, evil M&S Simply Food at Liverpool St and bought our dinner for the next few days. This evening, we had a gorgeous salmon dish, in a white wine and mushroom sauce. Really nice and took almost no effort to make. Their stores may be dangerous and full of lovely food, but it really is lovely food.

Anyways, Desperate Housewives beckons…



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