RIP British liberty: 1215–2005

Habeas corpus is now gone. In a supposed attempt to guard us from the terrorist threat, Blair has done al-Qaeda’s job for them. Terrorists couldn’t destroy our liberties, but the government could — and have done. The problem being that, 790 years after we first needed them, the barons caved in when Michael Howard and Charlie Kennedy accepted a deal. (And how sad is it that the unelected chamber is the one that had to do the defence of our liberties against arbitrary powers?)

What the Tories and Lib Dems fail to realise is that, even without this being awful legislation that should never have been introduced, that they conceded a review by Privy Councillors, they conceded the burden of proof and, worse, they conceded the sunset clause for a review by Parliament, where Labour’s majority will prolly still be able to ram it through. The difference, of course, being that, with a sunset clause, the onus would be on the government to prove that such powers were necessary and proportionate — which they’re quite obviously not.

And, of course, the only reason that everyone had to stay up all night — with Parliamentary Thursday being 30 hours long(!!) — is because the government decided to leave everything to the last minute, with no attempt to plan it beforehand and without gaining cross-party consensus on the proposed measures.

So the remaining question is, once I’m properly sane again, do I stay here and try to do something about it, or do I just fuck off out of this police state, where politicians have arbitrary powers and a Star Chamber, and move somewhere sensible?

VERY pissed off.

I wonder what liberty they’ll ditch when there is the inevitable terrorist atrocity in the UK, or when they next need to look tough for the electorate.



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