Long time, no post

So here’s some bollocks for now. Real post later; I’m off most of the week, after all.


How picky are you?

Owen’s score: 14%
Not picky enough!

Your relaxed attitude to meeting people might make you lots of friends, but if you’re not fussy at all you could end up with someone who doesn’t truly interest you in the long run, or even treats you like a doormat.

What kind of God am I?

What kind of God are you?
Favourite Color
You earthly time was spent Raining torrents of blood while sailing over the prostrate masses in an iron chariot
Your throne is A humble respite overlooking the rolling hills of Elysia
You wear The inky cloak of the universe
Your Godly superpower is Complete dominance and sovereignty over time and space and the infallible right to do with both as you please
This QuickKwiz by pelagicboreas – Taken 50738 Times.

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