S’pose it’ll do…

Well, English results were adequate; Welsh results were both promising and disappointing (Ceredigion ac Ynys Môn!); Scots results were pretty much par for the course and the Six Counties results were very disconcerting. It’s so difficult to express my genuine sympathy for my Labour friends when I can’t actually say I’m sorry for their losses. The majority is still a little larger than I’d like; but it’s still at a useful enough size, with enough useful backbenchers (I’m so glad Bob Marshall-Andrews did make it in the end), to prevent them for doing many more pticly stupid things. And, with a House of Lords Bill coming in the Speech from the Throne, the Salisbury Convention is out of the window at last.

Great party over the evening, though. And earlier on Thursday was interesting. My landlord’s leasehold on this flat is due for renewal, so the freeholder sent round two surveyors. That’s gonna be a bill and a half!

Went to Romford on Wednesday and pootled around the market, once I managed to stop myself from being too panickey. Did something or other on Tuesday, besides just get a haircut.

Bought Matthew’s birthday present today, a little late. Couldn’t get through to him on the ffôn today, but will call him in the morning, once he’s hopefully got his present too. I should prolly stop doting on him quite so much (now he’s a mid-teenager, not my baby brother any more) and start thinking about saving my money for Bach. But I just can’t help myself, really. Matt’s been my son-substitute for a while. and I really need to have that talk…

Oh, and Scott brought me the coolest birthday present ever (he bought it last year, but it hadn’t shipped from the US until recently). It’s just so cute; #3032 of only 5000. Definitely the coolest present ever. I’m such a geekboy.



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