Return of the Sith

Well, I really enjoyed that.
though it was pap, but he appears to have been expecting it
to have been something other than a George Lucas
film. Wonderfully dark, beautifully grandiose, a
suitable amount of humor, music shadowing themes we’ve grown to know and
love, without actually playing them all all the way through.
I thought it was fantastic. Though there was about 30s too much Jar-Jar Binks.

Lots of cool fighting with light sabers; Anakin almost managed to look
tortured by his conscience (he was taught to act
by Captain Sinclair, dontcha know). Padmé outacted everyone in it,
apart from the CGI Yoda, of course, but that’s only because Ewan McGregor could only get the one
light saber out and was having to act Alec Guinness’s rôle all the way through.

I loved it, anyways. Might go see it again. Though I lost
count of how many times I had shivers down my spine, just because
something was about to happen that I knew had to happen, but didn’t want
it to have to.

Beautifully dark and, given it’s George Lucas, an
outstanding film. My only complaint was it ended after last orders…  ;o)



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