Long day. Woke up late and still rather fluey (though the Berocca is helping), got to Ilford station and trains were running over an hour late. Got to work (after reading the Mirror, the Metro and the Guardian cover to cover, to catch their ID cards coverage; did the Indy and Mail over lunch, caught the Teg by email — impressed that they’re all opposed) at 1030 and got back to the Editor thing I’m doing (a web interface to a database to contain data that will be exported to XML and NVP documents to provide an asynchronous data feed to a Flash advert; long story that I can’t really explain without naming the client and the context, which I’m not sure I’m allowed to do).

The project’s actually quite fun, improving my knowledge of data-binding in .Net, one of my key weaknesses in that technology. It’s not going so well, though: I’ve blown the quote I gave. Not the end of the world for costs: we rearchitected it, so the Flash quote is rather over, so it’ll make up for my underquote. But it does mean I had to set it down to do some NS&I (which was awkward, because I was working on a section I don’t know so well, with noone in the office who could answer my silly questions) and then to get onto that PHP Gallery-based project.

Chatted with Philip on the phone some earlier, which was good. He’s getting quite frustrated with how busy I am, though, which isn’t good. And I don’think I’ve told him yet about my issues with unfamiliar places and traveling.

And I’m looking forward to JenJen () coming down this weekend, too. Though we’re both ridiculously horny at the moment, so I really hope we end up having a debauched weekend. And I really hope that Bach doesn’t get to read our LJs at least until they’re old enough not to be too freaked out. Have to post an image Jen sent me, as well.

Lots of links I should post, as well:

On an unrelated note, reading about the new TV schedules in the US made me think again about the influence of mass media on public political opinion. Michael Moore pointed this out in Bowling for Columbine, it’s really nothing new, but this season’s schedules make it really bloody obvious. No wonder the world’s screwed.



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