Further inane ramblings

Right. Having failed to get enough achieved on the client–server project, despite working a 42½-hour week (because shitloads of my time blew the schedule for the Flash-data-management thing), I’ve just caused (a) a scheduling crisis on Monday and (b) even more pain in my neck, shoulders and back.

Been up to the eyeballs in not-all-that-effective analgæsia for the last two days (how can I have 800mg of ibuprofen and 1g of paracetamol in my system and have a headache?!), with enough brufen to make me feel really nauseous all day. Can’t take any more painkillers until 0700, so I went for a spliff instead, which is working a darn sight better than the legal drugs were. Appointment with the chiropractor on Monday morning; that should help.

Would go to bed but amn’t all that sleepy (just mashed) and my bedroom appears to be otherwise indisposed at the moment. Tsk. Still, I’ll forgive him; it was really good of him to come round.

One of the pretty boys at work was wandering around with his shoes off before. Size 12s at that, with very seemly ankles (I have a thing for that part of a man’s ankle where you start getting leg hair showing — très sexy). And a relatively tight shirt, just showing off a little chest hair (he doesn’t have that much of that) and torn jeans, exposing morceaux of leg. Sweet Jesus, I want his cock. And that guy was looking pticly good today, too.

There was something really profound that I wanted to blog this evening, when my back was hurting too much to do so. Now it doesn’t, I’ve clean forgotten it.

Alan () made a lovely dinner, really simple too. Some M&S chicken things with some Indochinese sauce that involved coconut cream and lime, combined with some spuds (Desirées) mashed with milk, butter and Reine Dijon’s rather fine moutarde au citron. Really nice. He’s being such a love and not complaining at all that I’m being so utterly lazy at the moment (cos I just hurt all the time).

I must get more Johnny Cash. Especially that beautiful song he did before he died. Feel free to mail me MP3s (or album suggestions), people!

Batman Forever was on Sky One earlier. Alan and I both decided to watch it for the delectable Chris O’Donnell, of course, being of just that age. I’d forgotten how much fun it is; Joey Schumacher does high camp so well. Though that running towards the camera, backlit by the Batman symbol is just so cheesy.

And I appear to be incapable of typing HTML sensibly any more. I keep typing <strong>em</strong> and <em>strong</em>. Must be going mad. I wonder if Bach will be able to type before they can write legibly.

Anyways, I should stop being quite this antisocial, given I now have company again.



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