And relax…

Well, I now have a six-day weekend (four-day weekends are so 20th century) for Pride, with some friends (Pete, , , Deev) coming down. Looking forward to the Pride picnic on Saturday.

Had a public meeting about identity cards yesterday. All the speakers (Shami Chakrabarti, George Galloway, MP, Lynne Featherstone, MP, Dominic Grieve, QC MP, and the Rt Hon Tony Benn) were really good and I shook Tony Benn’s hand! I’d not realised how good a public speaker (if a little shouty) George Galloway is, either. But all went very well.

On top of that, it would seem we’re actually scaring people at the Home Office. Apparently, we have under half a million illegal immigrants in the UK. The Home Office doesn’t seem to put much note that this is only a fifth of the relative quantity the US has, nor that identity cards won’t fix that. Indeed, a NAO report by the Comptroller and Auditor-General, last June, suggested that the government could reinstate visa control at the point of entry for just £27 million, potentially a thousandth of the cost of the identity cards proposals. The phrase “clutching at straws” springs to mind…

Spent most of Saturday in and out of hospitals, trying to get my earache sorted. Apparently I have a middle-ear infexion, which is pissing me off. Finished my course of antibiotics earlier today. Since then, just been busy with work, really: all a bit dull, but not too stressful.

Some links

Some of these are a bit old, but thought I’d clear them out of my Inbox:

And a crap joke

Friendship among women: One doesn’t come home one night and tells her boyfriend that she spent the night with a female friend of hers. Her boyfriend calls ten of her friends and noone knows a thing.

Friendship amongst men: Same thing happens: a man says he spent the night at a friend’s place. His girlfriend calls ten of his friends. Eight confirm he has been there and the two others say he’s still there.



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