Sex and drugs and rock and roll…

…is all my body needs.

Well, Pride weekend was fantastic. Seeing Deev and Patrick () and Pete and Jen () has been really cool. After three hours of panic, we eventually arrived a little late — just behind the streetsweepers, in fact, but it was good fun. And we met up with Scott () and Rob () and people, including Simon, Houseboy‘s ex, which was really cool. The picnic went really well, though Live8 wasn’t quite loud enough until we got stoned and just got off on the beat.

As ever, people piled back here and we got pissed and stoned and stuff. Which was pticly entertaining, as I ended up sleeping with both Simon and Danny, which was kinda fun, and brought the weekend’s total up to three (it was very good to see Pete), which is good, cos I’ve been really worried that the SSRIs were fucking with my libido.

Spent all of Sunday night and much of tonight thusfar getting stoned with Jen and Gwilym (Sunday) and Tom (Monday), watching Queer as Folk US. It’s been a really good break; I hope work is relatively cool for the rest of the week, so I continue appreciating it for a while.

As it’s taking me whole episodes to type a paragraph, I’m gonna leave it there.



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