London terrorist attacks

In case anyone was worrying, I’m safely at home. Both my flatmates ( and ) are fine too, as are Adam McG, Ade Bradley, Alaric and Sarah Snell-Pym, Alex Teleute, Alex Wilcock and Richard Flowers, Alon Or-bach, Andy O, Andy R (of NO2ID), Baz R, Ben Donnachie, Ben N (), Ben P, Casp (), Cassandra (of NO2ID), Dan Karran, Danny Fresco (Papparazzo Danny), Daz from Retro, Dave Walker (of NO2ID), DTT, Des Fox (my ex), Émile S, Gaz, Gwilym, Harjinder, Ian Brown, Ian U, Iain Hughes, James Cronin (who was evacuated from his flat, as he lives really near the Tavistock Square bus bomb; his photos are on Flickr), Jimmy, Jon Ribbens, Jules Zzzp from Retro, Khash, Lee Binding, Lloyd, Marcus (), Mark Littlewood (of NO2ID), Martin Smith, Matthew Malthouse, Kinky Neil, both Ollie Cs (Cook and Cornes), Rich Bakewell, Richard Brown, Richard H, Richard Scowen () and his bf Ian, RobG (), Sal (), Scott, Simon MacMullen, Stef Magdalinski, Stephen Mutton, Taz G, Tom W (), Tony C, Warren, Winjer, and Yoz and Bobigail, amongst others.

Not heard from my cousin yet, which is a little worrying, but I’m sure it’s nothing. My cousin is fine too, thankfully. I’ll keep updating this list as people are confirmed to me as being ok.

And, in the way that really trivial things come to the top of one’s mind during disasters, the thing that’s bothering me most is that my new mobile phone (a Nokia 6680 on Orange) is being delivered today or tomorrow and I’m not gonna be able to get it until Monday at the earliest.

At least it seems that pretty much everyone I know is ok. I just hope we don’t get a big knee-jerk political reaction. But my thoughts are with those who have been injured or killed and their friends and families.

First update: 2005-07-07 T 1239 BST; Last update: 2005-07-08 T 0147 BST.



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