Now the dust is settling…

Really impressed with the emergency services’ handling of everything today; seems like everything went really smoothly, all things considered. Less impressed by transport networks’ lack of information. Half an hour after Liverpool Street had stopped accepting trains (and 45 minutes after Stratford station closed), Ilford station was still just listing things as being “severely disrupted due to major incidents at Liverpool Street and Stratford”, which was rather more euphemistic than necessary, I think.

Some great photos around; the Standard has a good set today, and there are some great photos on Flickr (on which I have finally registered). It was quite interesting seeing the difference between Blair‘s first press statement (and the earlier picture in the Standard, when he first heard), where he looks visibly very shaken, and Charles Clarke‘s press statement, where he looked shaken but very much in control.

And I think we’ve been very lucky, relatively speaking: tens of dead is much fewer than Madrid suffered.

Working from home tomorrow (and, hopefully, acheiving rather more than I did today), to avoid the chaos that will be tomorrow’s tube network but, as I explained to mam on the phone, I can’t allow this to change my behavior or the terrorists have won; I’ll be in the office on Monday.

For anyone who needs to know, TfL have said that tomorrow the tube will be trying to run a normal service, with the following exceptions:

Update at 0047: Just read a fantastic open letter, from London to the terrorists, linked on ‘s LJ from the London News Review. Worth reading.



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