More explosions in London

Tube cleared after minor blasts

Dummy explosions using detonators only have sparked the evacuation of three Tube stations and the closure of three lines, a BBC correspondent has said.

Police cordoned off large areas around Warren Street, Oval and Shepherd’s Bush Tube stations.

Emergency services also attended an incident on a route 26 bus in Hackney Road in Bethnal Green.

Police in London say they are not treating the incidents on the underground as “a major incident yet”.

The whole of the Northern Line has been suspended, along with the Victoria Line and the Hammersmith and City.

An eyewitness at Oval station said there had been a small bang, and a man had then run off when the Tube reached the station.

Sosiane Mohellavi, 35, was travelling from Oxford Circus to Walthamstow when she was evacuated from a train at Warren Street.

“I was in the carriage and we smelt smoke – it was like something was burning. “Everyone was panicked and people were screaming. We had to pull the alarm. I am still shaking.”

But a BBC reporter outside Warren Street station said there was no sign of smoke outside.


I’m fine, and have called both parents and worked out a route home from work that only involves the overground network. So back to work I go ;o)



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