Soho Pride

Well, that was fun. A handful of photos on my Flickr profile from Soho Pride (and some others from Retro on Friday). Well, my shiny new Nokia 6680 arrived and I had to play. This photo of the effects on Ilford of a Saturday night, on a Sunday morning is one of my favorites. The only thing that was a bit crap about Soho Pride, though, was that I got sent Caribe (thankfully not being stupid enough to press “Yes, please install”). Also, going back to my shiny new phone, I appear to have invented a new word: tubestalking; I added it to Urban Dictionary, but it’s still awaiting approval. Oh, and I just found out there’s a Suicide Boys on Flickr as well!

Work’s been okish of late; still working on the extranets site, after having been doing a load of research and authoring for a pitch job. Spent some of yesterday, trying to get SpamAssassin running against my Plum email. Failed to get my nipple pierced, as I was too hungover to leave the flat. Had a fantastic time at Starkers last weekend; next one should prolly be on August Bank Holiday weekend, people should come with me.

Increasingly worried (and pissed off) by the ridiculously melodramatic overpolicing in London atm. Got a text from a friend a week ago: Just got a text from a friend: “Just passed a freight train full of armoured cars with Police written on them in English and Arabic, headed for London :-/. Loving some of the reactions, though, like this photo site.

There was an excellent article in The Guardian the other day: Nobody has nothing to hide.

Shitloads of other things I’m meant to be blogging, but I can’t remember, for the life of me, so I’ll post some links, whilst I try think of it:

Think that’s it for now…



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