Sex quiz meme

Stolen from , who got it from :

  1. age/gender? 29yo male
  2. what is the highest number of people you’ve had sex with in a 24 hour period? Eight or nine, I think. Not sure.
  3. how many people have you slept with? Hundreds. Don’think it’s thousands yet.
  4. lost virginity at what age? Straight: 15; gay: 17.
  5. how many blow jobs/oral sex have you given? Really a lot.
  6. how many one night stands? Erm…
  7. ever banged your friend’s significant other? Erm…
  8. ever cheated? Erm…
  9. have you ever participated in group sex of 4 or more? Oh God yes!
  10. would you have a threesome with your spouse? I don’t have a spouse. But we did when I did.
  11. do you like to be watched when you masturbate? Definitley.
  12. how often do you masturbate? Two or three times a week at most.
  13. what do you masturbate to? Durty photos and videos on the Interwebnet, generally. Or durty boys on webcam.
  14. if you can, do you masturbate while driving? I don’t drive.
  15. most forbidden person you wanted to bang? An awful lot of straight boys. Asking me this whilst I watch Chelski up the Arsenal isn’t exactly the best time ;o)
  16. ever had a gay/lesbian experience? Oh, maybe once or twice *giggle*
  17. like the taste of pussy? Not really.
  18. like the taste of cum? Oh God yes!
  19. would you let someone piss on you if they begged you? Why would they be begging me?!
  20. how many times can you cum consecutively in the same session? Depends on my, erm, inspiration.
  21. use toys? Not really my thing.
  22. ever masturbated at work? Hasn’t everyone?
  23. craziest place you’ve had sex? On a bus. Whilst making conversation with people who didn’t notice.
  24. like anal? It’s alright…
  25. do you like having your asshole licked? Oh fuck yes.
  26. ever fantasize about being raped? Sometimes
  27. do you ever fantasize about being treated like a piece of meat? Sometimes
  28. foot fetish? Eww
  29. how often do you have sex? About as often as I can be bothered to get round to it.
  30. where is your hot spot? The outside of my body, generally
  31. when you’re with your significant other, do you think of others to get off? I don’t have a “significant other” (and not only cos I’m British) but yeah, did from time to time.
  32. weirdest thing you have masturbated with? a girl?
  33. met anyone off craigslist and had sex the first night? Off where?
  34. if not, would you ? I shag people from the ‘dar quite freqly, so I guess that’s a yes.
  35. how many porn’s do you have? There’s no apostrophe in pornos. And several.
  36. faked an orgasm? Several times
  37. favorite position? Doggy style
  38. ever paid for sex? Not with money.
  39. ever had sex in a club? *whistles innocently*
  40. how many is too many? When you get too sore.
  41. ass or tits? ass
  42. ever had cyber sex? Erm, once or twice…
  43. phone sex? Yeah, but not really my thing.
  44. dirtiest fantasy? I don’t have an imagination.
  45. ever taped yourself? Nah, I get Scott to tape it for me.
  46. taken dirty pictures? Oh yes.
  47. when you look in the mirror at your own naked body, do you get aroused? Sometimes.
  48. do you play with yourself in the mirror? Sometimes.
  49. how many times have you tried to orally service yourself? Several, not as successfully as (which I would pay good money to see!)
  50. ever had sex with someone and didn’t know his or her name? I’ve had sex with people where I didn’t see their face!
  51. ever had sex with anyone famous? Does infamous count?
  52. what is your biggest complaint about your sex life or partner? That I work too hard and so don’t get enough.
  53. ever done it in an elevator? Not with another person
  54. fucked a co-worker? In my dreams
  55. how long does it take you to get off alone? Like said: depends on how much time i have…
  56. what is the one thing upon sight that will always get you horny? Hot boy with hot bod and hot cock
  57. domination or submission? Not really my thing; depends on my mood
  58. better sex while sober, buzzed or drunk? Define better
  59. the thrill of getting caught, or the thrill of doing something “wrong?”? There’s a difference? Surely the thrill of getting caught doing something wrong.
  60. ever have sex in a fairly obvious spot hoping you’d get caught? Are there people who don’t then?
  61. were you? *whistles innocently*
  62. costumes or “au naturale?”? Au naturel. Though footie kit isn’t really a costime either, right?
  63. for oral, what is your absolute, mind bending favorite technique to receive? I usually lose the ability to notice the specifics when it happens, so you’d have to ask Scott ()
  64. to give? Deep throat
  65. is there a song which brings back a memory of sex? Several, but none springs to mind right now.
  66. a movie? Not really.
  67. ever had sex with someone of another race? Frequently
  68. ever used someone? *whistles innocently*
  69. feel like masturbating now? kinda
  70. are you? nah, it’s an ad-break


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