Sin City and collected ramblings

Wow. Fucking beautiful. I hadn’t started reading the comic books yet, partly because the lack of inking seemed distracting.

But the film is fucking beautiful. Some amazing casting and characterisaton. And Clive Owen with his shirt off, which is always good. But the cameos of characters in other characters’ stories was very cute and Miller‘s use of silhouette and antisilhouette is just beautiful, particularly at the end of Det Hartigan storyline. And the use of spot color is simply amazing.

A light buzz from a couple of minispliffettes helped, but there’s something very appealing about the noir genre at the moment. I really enjoyed Altered Carbon and I’ve been really tempted to read Century Rain again.

The nearest film I have to noir, in over 600 DVDs, is Dark City, which we’re watching at the moment. I don’t have any gumshoe flicks; should do something about that, I guess. Any recommendations?

I don’t own all that many dark films, even, not even animé. Must get more. Blade Runner feels like fun right now, though Dark City is a good way through and I’ve not seen it in forever, so I wanna watch it through. But I want more dark, rainy, gritty films.

‘s been a great weekend, though. came back from Retro and was down and we drank and smoked some and Naveed came over.

Had a long chat with Naveed, which was good. Missed him lots and he was feeling out of sorts and couldn’t quite get his head round everything here being both familiar and alien, since he’s become an expat. His life has been evolving with Dubai, whilst London has been walking its own path. That in itself would be strange enough for him, but the events of July seventh make it all the worse, as Britain convulses through a momentary lack of reason. I still can’t get my head round this wonderful city being the same place that can stare at Naveed on the tube just because he’s a young man with brown skin.

The government is talking about treason charges for suspected terrorists. Yet none of the events of this last month-and-a-bit have involved no treason. Irish republicans a century ago only committed treason because they were republican, not nationalist; Arthur Griffith‘s Sinn Féin wasn’t treasonous. (Edit: I guess that terrorism is certainly “wag[ing] war against the kingdom”, but treason tends to be much more about affecting the monarch, at least since the 18th century.)

And funny how they need to be able to suspend habeas corpus in yet another circumstance — for three months —, yet have managed to find charges for the July 21 suspects already without any of those hindrances.

And the government is getting scared over identity cards. Willing to admit that it lied (again), and willing to cheat (again). Trying the desperate ploy of telling the public that the cost (which is, as we said it would, rising) will be capped at £100, relying on too much of the public not thinking hard enough that that means the rest of the cost is also met out of their pockets, just out of general taxation, or that our schools and hospitals will continue failing. Why the government does stop kowtowing to this pointless Manichæan spirit of “something must be done” and actually have the cojones to bother explaining to the public that something is being done but that quick fix solutions don’t work. Yet again, Blair is shown for the weak coward that he is.

Anywyas, de-ranting, Jen and I also had a visit from the hot straight boy I’ve been seeing a bit of recently. She appears to have been “too good”, as I didn’t get even a lick, but just watching was great fun. And it’s nice that someone else finally understands why I keep going on about him!

I’ve been foaming at the gash all day today. Failed miserably to “get a man in” this afternoon or this evening, partly because I needed to go cook: Alan and I made Toulouse sausage soup again. Though I have a hot South African coming to visit tomorrow and a hot mixed-race boy wanting me to pop his cherry on Tuesday, so I think I’m gonna head to bed without worrying too much ;o)

I just hope this week is nice and sunny so I can chill out and relax nicely whilst we still have some hope of a vestage of summertime. Still can’t work out when to take the remaining seven(ish) days I have available before Christmas; I guess the tail-end of October would make the most sense. Maybe I should take a few days at the start of December as well and actually try to get to Paris or Brussels for some Christmas shopping? Gonna try to meet the challenge that Andy set me at work, first, though. After having been panickey at Soho Pride last weekend, it’s not gonna be quite as easy, but I have to travel to several (he said six) disparate points on the tube map (though I figure train and DLR would be allowed too) and Flickr a phonecam pic of the platform sign. Should be good for me. I’m thinking starting with somewhere at this end of London first, maybe tomorrow early evening…



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