Well, that was fun…

I’ll update this post later to put in links, but a brief update from the phone, while uses the PC and the Gooners are on Sky Sports 1 (1, 2, 3)

Did fuck all on Wednesday, as I was feeling really pants. Very achey after all the walking and rather stomachey (either the oggie or the tsips, I guess). Wasn’t much better on Thursday, so had to cancel my chiropractor’s appointment, as I couldn’t’ve lain on the table that long without needing to dash to a loo. :o(

Treated myself on Thursday afternoon: really needed a massage, so I got an escort round from the ‘dar, who specialises in holistic and sensual massage, which was really good (if a little pricey). Mainly just chilled for the rest of the day, had a nice salad for lunch and stuff; all good. Watched some DVDs: a couple of the gay films that Amazon’s AI recommended to me, plus À Toute Vitesse, which was pretty good. Lots of Steve Curtains, but not enough Salim Kechiouche, unfortunately.

Friday, I did a little more traveling, though not as much. Went over to Romford and wandered round the market some, then headed in to Stratford and wandered around there some before getting the tube back to Gants Hill and walking home through the park.

Was immensely sleepy yesterday, for no apparent reason; I slept most of the day. Jen came over (looking fantastic, as Jo had some her hair and makeup; an effect not minimised by some surprisingly nice earrings — from Claire’s!) and we each tried not to panic before going out to Element 3, which was really good fun. One of the really pretty guys there (a guy called Arif) is a guy I’d been tubestalking on the way, which was cool, though he didn’t fancy me *sulk*

Chatted with loads of people there (including Baz, who I didn’t get to snog, and , who was there with his “associate”, Simon, dressed as Bill and Ben).

I helped one of the pretty (straight) barboys win a bet (with some help from Jen) by giving him my number. Unfortunately he’s never likely to call :o(

After E3, I got a cab to XXL with and, erm, someone else (sorry, wasn’t very sober by then), though lost them shortly after arriving. I spent most of my time there in the darkroom, sat with my trousers and CKs round my ankles, playing with my knob. When people weren’t sucking it or sat on it, of course. I lost count of how many guys I engaged in rudeness with, but I’m guessing 12, for the purposes of the Owen-o-meter. All very good fun and just what I needed, frankly. One of the guys there was a really sweet blond guy in his early 20s, who was chatting with me lots (during said lewdness). Eventually got to suck him off too, which was nice; he seemed to think I was much better hung than he, though he was more girthsome and certainly very pleasant indeed ;o) Some very fit guys there; I must go to XXL more often. Though I should try not to break my glasses in the darkroom in future, perhaps. Oops.

Got back at around sixish this morning, as it was getting light again. Just about with it enough to know not to take photos of the deeply hot guy on the bus, whose abdomen, chest and arms I was staring at for most of the journey (when trying not to die). Took a couple of photos as I walked over London Bridge (having walked from XXL to Aldgate East to get a 25 home and admiring a really pretty lad who was lost and trying to work out where to get a bus home).

The advantage to sobering up awake (with lots of water at XXL) is that I appear not to be hungover this morning, unlike Jen, who was not a happy girl first thing this morning. But then she had a chat on the phone with one of the (really hot) gayboys from E3, who wants to arrange a gangbang wth her or something. Such filth! ;o)

Anyways, leaning over to type on my Nokia keyboard is hurting my back, as well as my wrists, so I’m gonna leave it there for now. As I mentioned, links will come later.



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