More movies

Ok, third up was Eating Out, bought because it has Ryan Carnes (the blond gay guy who lived with the pretty gardener in Desperate Housewives) in it — and his penis!

Very weird, silly movie. Seems very much like it was filmed for TV (awful production quality, appalling acting), but it’s really funny.

The basic plot premise is that straight-gay fancies fag-hag; straight-gay’s geeky-fag roommate fancies hot-fag (Ryan Carnes) who lives with fag-hag; hot-fag fancies straight-guy; fag-hag fancies just about every poof ever, apparently.

So straight-guy, reeling from being dumped by slutty-bitch, pretends to be gay, in order to get fag-hag. Everything, obviously, goes to hell, particularly when fag-hag “offers some help” to straight-guy when he’s nervous about “losing his virginity” with hot-fag.

Anyways, it’s gone straight to the top of my “must play on Sunday afternoons when we’re all coming down” list.

Next up: The Butterfly Effect



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