Bad security

Yet another case where the Western response to the increased threat of terrorism is not only ridiculous, but actually makes security worse.

From Bruce Schneier‘s blog: The TSA’s watchlist means infants have been prevented from getting on planes, as they’re suspected terrorists.

My current (far more banal and less important) bugbear is the removal of bins from the tube network. The transparent sack dustbins have been removed from all tube platforms, since the events of July 7, “for security reasons”. Yet there’s no security in doing so — the bags are deliberately transparent, to make putting bombs in them near-impossible and there have been no threats of bombs in bins. If you have enough belief in your cause to use suicide bombers, why would you risk being caught using bombs in bins?

Obviously, this is far less important than the extrajudicial murder of innocent civilians, of course. Yet another stupid policy that is causing far more damage than it solves.

Why is it that governments insist on failing to do their fucking jobs with terrorism. Every piece of counterterrorism legislation only seems to make us less secure. Fucking politicians are more interested in seeing to be doing something — anything, so their popularity stays high — than in actually trying to make us safer at all. Ok, so this specific case is from the boy idiot, but fucking Blair and Clarke are no better.

Destroying liberties does not increase security. But it does sell well with the uninformed public. If only the public weren’t so fucking gullible. The world is becoming a much worse, less safe place, and our leaders aren’t so much complicit in it as actually orchestrating it. Yet still we put them in power.



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