More films

Ok, updating last night’s films first.

The Butterfly Effect was pretty entertaining. Plot’s a little contrived (and some of the butterfly effects are a bit silly, frankly), but an enjoyable film and Ashton Kutcher does look pretty with his shirt off.

I don’t think there was another film between that and In Extremis, a French gay film that Amazon’s AI recommended me. Not sure whether would love it or hate it; there are certainly bits she’d’ve been very disapproving of. Quite good fun, though. And one of the characters was very pretty, which doubtless is part of why Amazon recommended it me.

Then segued to Trois Couleurs: Bleu, my all-time second favorite film (my fave being Thelma & Louise, as Naveed keeps forgetting). Not seen it in forever because I keep forgetting that I prefer it to Rouge (the confusion being because the latter is set in Romande Switzerland).

Then popped on a little Maksim before heading to bed and sleepng through for 10 hours or so.

Chatted with RobG () on the phone a little, whilst doing email stuff, once I got up again. Munched a bowl of rice — didn’t weld it to the pan, did make far too much. Then put on The Forgotten, which was much better than I thought it would be. And with a very sweet ickle bachgen.

Jen came over to mother me a bit whilst I’m all poorly and so we watched Casualty, which I’d not seen in a while, before deciding on Near Dark, as Jen’s in a premenstrual mood, so either wanted something romantic and loveydovey or violent and gorey.

Can strongly recommend Near Dark to anyone who’s not seen it (and, indeed, I think I already did recommend it here when I first saw it). Released around the same time as The Lost Boys and wholly overshadowed by it, it’s also a vampire film, directed and co-written by Kathryn Bigelow (one of the world’s greatest women directors, Point Break et alii). Oh, the soundtrack’s by Tangerine Dream and Adrian Pasdar has a lovely Southern (Okie) accent, both of which are worth mentioning. It’s much darker, much less clean and tidy and much less cosy than The Lost Boys, with some slightly different tweaks to the core mythology, but an excellent contribution to the genre.

It’s only 20 minutes through thusfar, but next up might well be Eating Out, as Jen so needs to see it.



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