Another update…

Time for some updates. ‘s been a long week; back in the office from Tuesday, with a break working at home on Thursday, so I could go see the chiropractor. Lots and lots of bits and pieces of work done, including a servlet for Twisted Metal, which looks like it should be a nice little site, as well as the extranets utility and the client–server app thing I’ve been working on for a while. Some help with some internationalisation issues for Brahma. Seem to have managed relatively well switching between very similar languages (C# and Java), so quite pleased with that.

Been pretty wiped out in the evenings, still, so lots of early nights and DVDs again (notably Taking Lives and Nine Dead Gay Guys, which Warren got me as a thankyou for helping him out recently; he’s such a sweetie!) Can definitely recommend the latter, which is immensely silly and very funny. And has Michael Praed (from Robin of Sherwood) playing a big camp Mary. And hot boys.

Had a brief text flurry with Lee, Ruler of the Universe, who is now thirty years old. His birthday present arrived at work yesterday, so I’m looking forward to giving him that.

Lots of NO2ID administravia done, not so much going on in the news there, as we’re firmly in silly season. Had an intriguing email from Danny O’Brien about the British EFF-alike he’s setting up. Though apparently he thinks Welsh is a “jibberish hill-language”, evidently unaware that we have actual mountains in y hen wlad; words will have to be had… ;o)

I’m somewhat underwhelmed by the launch of the new Google Talk, which requires users to have a Gmail account and use that with their Google logins. No thanks, I’m quite happy with (the rather more featuresome) MSN Messenger.

Been Flickr-ing some again: I’ve uploaded all the new photos from my phone and cleared out all the old ones on my phone, many of which I’ll upload over the weekend. Also, I noticed one guy on my contacts has taken some very hot photos of his nephew. Think my favorites are #12, 13, 15, 17 and 19.

Some beautiful new photos in Flickrzen too. And a very cool project using Flickr’s notes to link all the tube stations in Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Seen lots of cool links recently, as well, so gonna share a whole glut of them:

Right. Off to Starkers!



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