Eurgh. Hangover.

Well that was a fucking excellent night. Popped into Retro en route, for a quick double G&T, to help me get used to the idea of going *gasp* South of the River. Chatted with Jon and Paul (, who it turns out has a mad identical twin who I need to do rude things with) and Bear and Lloyd and his boyfriend (whose name is escaping me in my hungover stupor). Chatted briefly with Smess and Alex. Mentioned to Martin that I was going to Starkers and he said he might come along. Though he didn’t *sob*

Wandered off to Starkers and had a fantastic night. It was sweetiepetie’s birthday, and RobL and Xen were both out as well, which was really cool. Though RobL kept being all rude and pointy. And Xen was looking fucking fantastic! Was rather disappointed that the hot barman was wearing jeans, as well as boxers, this time. Though he did say he might go back just to boxers next time. ;o)

Spent lots of time dancing with the hottest guy there as well. Obviously, being by far and away the hottest guy in the club, he was straight. But he insisted on taking my number, cos he wants me to go round to his flat in Bethnal and hang out whilst, well, hanging out. *GRIN*

Anyways, now watching tacky ’80s music videos, then flicked over to the MP3 player, cos couldn’t remember who Debbie Gibson is. Now we’re watching Nine Dead Gay Guys again.



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