Another quickie…

Prints of some of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen are being auctioned on Flickr in the Hurricane Katrina Auction group. I’ve syndicated the group pool to LJ as for anyone who wants to friends-list it.

I’ve syndicated quite a few Flickr feeds over the last couple of days, including two from my ex-lodger, : is his general feed and is a feed from his use of the keyword red, all of which are beautiful photographers.

If anyone desperately wants a Flickr feed syndicating onto LJ, give me a yell. And look at my info page to see the others; they’re all prefixed with flickr (though most are shallow syndications of people who take photos of hot boys, natch).

Also, Flickr members might be interested to know I’ve set up a group: Tubestalking. You should all go join and start snapping away with your phonecams. :o)



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