America: “land of the free”

I’ve had it up to here with the fucking US of A lately. Not only did their boy idiot‘s actions directly result in the deaths of thousands in Louisiana (as well as thousands in Iraq, obviously, but noone anywhere really seems to give a shit about them), but it gets worse in that selfish, stupid, racist shithole of a country. I’m only glad that all the individual Americans I’ve ever chatted with (including several on here) are all of the sane variety.

I’m posting this directly from , who got it via . I wonder if anyone’s considered trying to indict the incompetant idiots who’re failing to run that country (and were never elected to do so anyways) for crimes against humanity.

Bush is desperately trying to shift the blame to anyone else (pticly if they’re black). He keeps saying the time for politics is later. Yet again, he’s wrong. The time for politics is now and someone should get that fucking dangerous cunt out of the White House right now.

‘s preamble:

This story about a group of people trapped in NO, trying to get out is so outrageous that I almost couldn’t believe it when I read it yesterday. But the San Francisco Chronicle has picked up the story, as have a number of other papers. I imagine they check their sources before running a story like that.

I had been wondering why people didn’t simply walk out on foot. Answer: They were stopped, by force. By the Gretna police department.

And the article, as quoted by :

As we approached the bridge, armed Gretna sheriffs formed a line across the foot of the bridge. Before we were close enough to speak, they began firing their weapons over our heads. This sent the crowd fleeing in various directions. As the crowd scattered and dissipated, a few of us inched forward and managed to engage some of the sheriffs in conversation. We told them of our conversation with the police commander and of the commander’s assurances. The sheriffs informed us there were no buses waiting. The commander had lied to us to get us to move.

We questioned why we couldn’t cross the bridge anyway, especially as there was little traffic on the 6-lane highway. They responded that the West Bank was not going to become New Orleans and there would be no Superdomes in their City. These were code words for if you are poor and black, you are not crossing the Mississippi River and you were not getting out of New Orleans.


Unfortunately, our sinking feeling (along with the sinking City) was correct. Just as dusk set in, a Gretna Sheriff showed up, jumped out of his patrol vehicle, aimed his gun at our faces, screaming, “Get off the fucking freeway”. A helicopter arrived and used the wind from its blades to blow away our flimsy structures. As we retreated, the sheriff loaded up his truck with our food and water.

Once again, at gunpoint, we were forced off the freeway. All the law enforcement agencies appeared threatened when we congregated or congealed into groups of 20 or more. In every congregation of “victims” they saw “mob” or “riot”. We felt safety in numbers. Our “we must stay together” was impossible because the agencies would force us into small atomized groups.

And how signed off:

Not only did the police stop them from leaving the city, they took away their food and water.


This guy, , whose journal I’ve been reading these past days, reports being turned back as well.

I followed a couple more links, the story looks legit. One rather wishes it weren’t.

Fucking cunts. Where’s the International Criminal Court when you need it?

So now, not content with having to appeal for international aid, despite being the richest country on the planet, cos they’re too narrow-minded and short-sighted actually to want to pay for anything in their lives, they’re actually actively barricading people into squalor and misery, instead of just repeating that malicious lie that is “the American Dream“.

Whilst America should be forced to pay for its own idiocy — with sensible levels of taxation on income, fuel and vehicles, for a start — I know that’s not gonna happen under this corrupt, money-grabbing, gung-ho administration. I beseech anyone who’s gonna give money to help the victims and survivors of Hurricane Katrina to make sure they check out where they’re sending it, so it actually gets to the people who need it, and doesn’t allow the cunts in charge of that failed state to continue reneguing on their responsibilities (or, rather, to continue failing to start considering them in the first place).



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