And more update…

[This post was made by email on the evening of Thursday 13th, but appeared at LiveJournal at 2am on Wednesday 19th Orange seem to have taken nearly a week to deliver it!]

Well, I’m now sat on the tube, opposite a really rather hot guy who’s too close by to tubestalk, so I figured I’d blog some. I’ll add some links into this once I get home and have an actual computer in front of me, with real windows and stuff.

Things I didn’t mention in my last post. Well, Ewan, Vikki, Eilidh and Mairi popped in to visit on Saturday, as did the fabulous Lee. I took (and Flickr’d) loads of photos of the Spence clan, wth Eilidh looking pticly adorable, Lee regaled us with fabulous tales of his ventures to all sorts of places, giving us some of the tidbits he hasn’t blogged, James () was down for the weekend, too, as I mentioned, and, generally, a good time was had by all.

I chatted with fy mam for a while on the phone, which was good. Apparently she’s getting an Internet-ready PC in some scheme the government is doing to encourage companies to part-subsidise computers for their employees, which will be kinda cool, though presumably means I’m gonna be designated Tech Support officer. I might have to introduce the concept that Scott () is much better at that than I… ;o)

I got a bit of a bollocking at work today for spending too much time doing things that aren’t my current project (mainly helping out the other guys in the team, but also Flickring whilst I wait for things to compile and so on), so I’m gonna be making more of an effort to be visibly better at that over the next few weeks. This means I might finally get round to setting up a work MSN account, which is a bit of a drag, but is something I prolly should’ve done ages ago. Needless to say, just about anyone who’s reading this isn’t gonna be on that list, for the sake of avoiding distractions. You all know how to text me anyways, so I’m not gonna lose much sleep over it. (If anyone reading doesn’t have my mobile number and wants it, leave a comment to that effect and I’ll almost certainly let you have it. If this means I start getting lots more texts at work, though, don’t expect me to jump to answer, eh? ;o)

Other than that, work’s going relatively well, though. I’m finally beginning to get my head round Microsoft Commerce Server. A few things are a little perverse and counterintuitive (why should I have to fetch all the product properties just to be able to get the display-name, when obvious things, like SKU and price are fetched by default when calling Category.GetProducts(), for example?!) but I’ve mainly managed to get my head round how various bits work, and we finally finished getting my machine set up for development today. Not a moment too soon, happen, as IT need it back to prepare for a new starter coming in on Monday. It’ll be good to get the deskspace back too. Think I’m gonna quite enjoy working on the project, though; the Conchango guys are all pretty cool and there’s plenty I can learn from them, as well as it being a site that’s gonna look good in our portfolio (and on my CV).

In other work news, we’re all pretty stoked atm, as Allied Domecq, last autumn’s labor of love, has been nominated for two BIMA awards, which is pretty awesome. It’s about time some of the stunning work we all put into that actually won us some silverware and greater renown.

Last night was a little odd. I’d arranged to meet quite a nice guy off the ‘dar and got stood up, which isn’t pticly special. Being pticly horny, though, I wandered into the chatrooms there (which is relatively unusual, for me) and arranged to meet another guy. Who also stood me up! More chat later and some filth was enjoyed with a third guy, but I’ve never been stood up separately by two different guys before; that’s just plain rude!

I’ve been going through some of the less-freqly played tracks on my lovely MP3 player lately, as well. I’m listening to The LevellersLevelling the Land whilst typing this (on the District line, as one does). And I actually listened to so much Muse earlier today that I had to turn it off.

Coming up to Mile End now, so I’m gonna leave this here and get back to it once I get home…



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