Eurgh. I’d hoped to spend this weekend doing interesting stuff — Jen () and I were gonna meet up with Rob () and some work people to go see the Russian Winter Festival in Trafalgar Square and then hit the British Museum, but I’ve spent the whole weekend feeling really fluey and unable to leave the flat.

Every time I walk around, aside from nearly falling over, I get completely out of breath just by walking to the loo and back. It occurs to me that every time I’ve had a heavy cold I end up losing my sense of balance (and getting all breathless) for quite a while afterwards; guess I should check out what that is.

On the plus side, though, it means Jen’s been able to indulge her OCD / librarian needs and catalog pretty much my entire book and CD collexions onto Listal and we’ve all got to watch a load of DVDs (though I’ve dozed through pretty much all of them). Rob popped over on Saturday night and joined us for some of them, which meant I got to snuggle with him a little (makes a change from snuggling with Jen, after all ;o) Beyond that, though, I’ve not really done very much apart from sleep.

I do hope this damn cold passes soon, cos it’s getting really bloody tedious.



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