Me me me me meme

LJ Interests meme results

It’s all Nix ()’s fault; blame her ;o)

  1. being naked:
    So I’m an exhibitionist and I don’t like wearing clothes. Like y’all didn’t know that already.
  2. chocolate:
    Mmmm, siocled.
  3. dirty catholic boys:
    Is there any other kind?
  4. getting naked:
    Erm, see #1.
  5. jazz:
    It’s all about the saxophones.
  6. movies:
    My name is Owen and I have a DVD problem.
  7. piercings:
    I have two, I’d like more.
  8. shag:
  9. tanqueray:
    The best of all gins.
  10. vodka:
    When the gin runs out, we go for the voddie.

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