Dorothy, we’re not in the 1990s any more…

Oh God. We just realised that we don’t remember how to operate a VCR any more. We just had a complete failure mentally to deal with the idea of needing to rewind a video before being able to watch the film. And I’ve been so hungover all day.

I was meant to be going to a Doctor Who and Eurovision party at the LSE with John () and Jen (), but we were too hungover to contemplate it after I’d been at the RHPS and they’d been at Popstarz. So we watched them (and Doctor Who Confidential) here, with some drinks.

I really quite enjoyed “The Age of Steel“, though was a little disappointed in one character’s choice at the end (I’m trying to be spoiler-free), though it did make sense, I guess. Eurovision was fab; my vote went for Russia, only partly because he was the hottest guy there.

Spent an entire film composing this message (and it was filmed at UEA!), so gonna leave it now. ;o)



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