BSFA awards 2006 shortlist published

More information on the BSFA site, but the shortlists are:


Short Fiction


  • Angelbot, Fangorn (Cover of Time Pieces, ed. Ian Whates)
  • Cover of Farthing magazine, issue 2, Spring 2006. Credited to ‘Vertebrate Graphics’.
  • Droid, Fahrija Velic (Cover for Interzone 206)
  • The Return to Abalakin, Alexander Preuss
  • Ring of the Gods, William Li (Cover of Holland SF 226)

Non-Fiction — BSFA Recommended Reading List

Of those, I’ve read End of the World Blues, which is by one of my favourite authors, and loved it. Similarly Zima Blue and Other Stories is by another favourite author of mine and I really enjoyed that too.

Of the artwork, The Return to Abalakin is just fucking amazing, though I quite like Ring of the Gods too.

Thoughts anyone?



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