So… 2007, eh?


Books I’ve read in 2007 (by author):

Kim Stanley RobinsonThe Years of Rice and Salt (re-reading, as it’s one of my favourites)
Ian Whates (ed) — disLocations
Ian Whates (ed) — Time Pieces
Peter Whitfield — London: A Life in Maps


Music I’ve listened to in 2007:

Artists (by popularity)

Linkin Park (298 tracks)
Rob Dougan (210 tracks)
Clint Mansell and the Kronos Quartet (184 tracks)
Craig Armstrong (176 tracks)
Pet Shop Boys (138 tracks)
Massive Attack (133 tracks)
Sigur Rós (132 tracks)
Killers (128 tracks)
Fleetwood Mac (126 tracks)
Jimmy Eat World (121 tracks)
The Arcade Fire (114 tracks)
All:My:Faults (108 tracks)
Angelo Badalamenti (106 tracks)

Albums (by popularity)

Various Artists — Dark Side of the 80s (double album, 266 tracks total)
Rob DouganFurious Angels (178 tracks)
Various Artists — Kill Bill OST (double album, 116 tracks total)
The Arcade FireFuneral (113 tracks)
Sigur RósTakk… (82 tracks)
System of a DownToxicity (81 tracks)
All:My:FaultsSecrets (81 tracks)
Jimmy Eat WorldFutures (60 tracks)


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