Accessing an XML-RPC service

I’m trying to access an XML-RPC service from C# that I’m building. I’ve had absolutely no response from my message on the YahooGroup, so I started looking at the only other .Net XML-RPC class library out there: XmlRpcCS, which is only confusing me further.

The cause of my problems appears to be that XML-RPC.Net seems to require all its proxy objects to be structs. I, however, would like to use class objects, so I can add other functionality into the classes (constructors, the ability to have properties that are masked from the XML-RPC output and so on).

Now if this were XML serialisation, I would use the attributes that control XML serialisation, such as [XmlIgnore]. Without rewriting half of the class library, though (which would seem to defeat the purpose of using it!), I can’t do something like that.

Does anyone here have any experience of using an XML-RPC library for .Net?

(Cross-posted to csharp and ms_dot_net.)



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