Sorting through old emails…

I’m currently looking through some old emails. I declared email bankruptcy on my personal account (for the second time) a week or so ago, but didn’t archive any mails flagged as important, so now I’m scanning through them. They mainly date from about a decade ago (so there’s a lot of stuff from the early days of NO2ID and from when had not yet replaced, but I just stumbled across the post I made to OUT in the when I was looking for a new flatmate in March 2004, which I thought might amuse some friends:

Over the next month or so, I’m going to have one, possibly two, partly-furnished rooms in my flat becoming empty. The flat is pretty sizeable, above two shops on a main road in Ilford. We’re next to a 24-hour shop (which is a little too convenient ;o) and five minutes walk from Ilford BR station (15 mins to Liverpool St by GER), five minutes bus to Gants Hill tube (Central line), 10.15 mins bus to Barking station (c2c overground, District and H&C line tubes). We’re two minutes from Valentine’s Park (biggest greenspace in the Borough, with lots of cute lads playing footie).

There’s a host of food joints around (four or five Chinese takeaways within spitting distance, including one who recognise my voice on the phone; a good few Indians and kebabish, a chippie within walking distance, McDonald’s, KFC and delivery pizza all quite close and a Pizza Express up at Gants Hill). Nearest supermarket is two minutes away, Ilford’s shopping center is by the station, five minutes’ walk away. Parking isn’t pticly wonderful (there’s no residents’ parking scheme in force), but not impossible. I don’t drive, though, so can’t really offer much advice from that PoV.

The whole flat is shared, with the exception of bedrooms. The living room/kitchen is relatively big, the bathroom (with bath and shower) isn’t tiny but isn’t huge. The flat’s not in fantastic nick, but certainly not falling apart. “Rent” will, in effect, be rent-and-bill sharing — I’m not looking to make a profit from people — and, as such, is pretty small. The total bill currently works out at a little under £840 pcm (or just over £190 pw) and would be shared between myself and whoever comes in (so halved or thirded, as appropriate). I’m prolly gonna take another look at the figures (pticly phone bill) within the next few months, but it’s unlikely to change (in either direction) by very much and changes would not be retrospective. I am willing to be persuaded to split it inequitably, if someone isn’t pticly well off but can guarantee a certain amount regularly.

Ideally, I’d prefer to get money weekly by electronic transfer into my bank account, but monthly and/or cash works for me too. The rent-and-bills arrangement includes: rent, council tax (LB Redbridge), contents insurance (through my bank, though if someone can get a cheaper deal, I’m happy to move it), TV Licence, telephone, Cable TV (NTL with all the channels, including FilmFour, Sky movies, Sky sports and Télé Cinq), shared ADSL broadband Internet (I might be persuaded to change provider but it’s currently Freeserve) and electricity (one of those buggery key meters). Gas and water are included in the overhead rent figure by my landlord, so are also, effectively, included. Oh, and access to my sizeable DVD collexion too (336 titles and rising).

I’m hopeless at cooking for one, so chances are I’d end up taking dinner with whoever moves in, though that’s not set in stone. If that does end up being the case, a contribution towards food costs (as well as stuff like bog roll and washing powder) would be nice. There is a washing machine and a condenser tumble dryer in the flat. The microwave is broken, but I really will get round to replacing it eventually. For what it’s worth, I currently smoke (but intend to give up once I get back from France at the end of the month), so have no problem with smokers or non-smokers moving in, but reserve the right to place (or consider) arbitrary restrictions on where it’s ok to smoke. In any event, smoking in your own room will be fine. I have no objection to the use of cannabis, but don’t really want people shooting up on the premises.  *GRIN*

I rent the flat and sublet it (with the landlord’s knowledge and permission) so, in the unlikely event I need to move or fall under a bus, things might get a little sketchy, but I would ordinarily expect a month’s notice to quit either way. Needless to say, I reserve the right to refuse offers from people I don’t like or don’t think I’d feel comfortable sharing with (or vice versa), but I’m an easy-going kinda bloke really and relatively difficult to piss off. Obsessively tidy people who’ll get offended when I make a mess in the living room need not apply, though, nor should anyone with Puritan morals or who’ll get upset if I wander round in my boxers. I’d prefer pretty young guy(s) to move in, obviously, but I’m not quite that shallow really. Honest!  🙂

Send me a private message if you have any questions. If you put something obvious like “Rooms to let” in the Subject: line, I’m more likely to notice it and get back quite quickly. And whatever anyone (including the Royal Mail) say, we’re not in bloody Essex, ok?  *GRIN*



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