Getting older, part the first

So I went for an eye test at the weekend. I’ve worn glasses for nearly 25 years now, having been diagnosed with a strong astigmatism and mild short-sightedness (not quite −2 dioptres) at the start of my teens. However, as my hairline has been trying to tell me for a few years now, I’m not the young man I used to was. So my sight test at the weekend told me I’m now long-sighted — apparently I’ll need varifocals within five years.

So, aside from the schadenfreude value of my aging, why am I blogging this? Well, I need new glasses, and Glasses Direct do this thing where you can order four frames to try at home and get opinions on. Photos, from the front and the side, for each of the four frames I picked are below (click to embiggen). So, dear Internets, tell me which glasses I should get.*

* Terms and conditions apply. No purchase required.  Batteries not included. We reserve the right to ignore your advice. Especially if it looks like you’re trolling me. Retail value £0.001.


4 thoughts on “Getting older, part the first

  1. Glasses Direct were useless for me – all their frames seemed to be designed for men with enormous skulls… ended up just trawling the high street opticians until I found a decent pair that actually fitted.

    • I had that problem with my previous pair of specs, having not paid enough attention to the dimensions on the product page. The pair before that, the new ones, and both pairs of sunglasses I’ve had, have all been fine. And I don’t think I have a larger head than you… ;o)


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