Wolfram Alpha personal analytics for Facebook

Yet again, a post I wrote several days ago but didn’t publish. Sorry about that.

Wolfram Alpha have launched personal analytics for Facebook.

It’s really quite impressive. You log into Wolfram Alpha and into Facebook, then grant Wolfram Alpha permissions to scour your Facebook data and it generates a host of information for you.

As well as the obvious stuff (how old am I, to the day, where do I live and what’s the population there and so on), it generates pretty charts about almost everything. Apparently 92.2% of my updates are links and this is my posting distribution:

Eighty percent of my friends are male (no big surprise there), with the following age distribution:

It shows you that people are more likely to be married if they’re older (but, presumably, divorced in their late 40s):

It can tell me the name frequency distribution of my friends:
Mark (26), Paul (26), James (23), Simon (19), Tom (19), Richard (18), Ian (17), David (16), Ben (14), Chris (14)

And it can show you a pretty spider network graph thing of your friends:

(I can’t work out how to get it to tell me who the loners on the right-hand side are, I’m afraid)

There’s more, including word distribution frequencies, which is my most-liked post and so on — and you get even more if you have a paid account to WA.

All very impressive, in any case.

All images are copyright © 2012 Wolfram Alpha LLC — A Wolfram Research Company — and are used without permission for the purpose of criticism and review under section 30(1) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.


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