Adding Page Admins on Facebook

Facebook recently changed some of the things you need to do in order to be added as a Page admin.

Because I always look in the wrong place in my email for the instructions on how to do this, I’m gonna blog it here. Because then at least I have a handy place where I know where the instructions are  ;o)

Easy method

  1. Like the Page you wish to administer.
  2. Add an existing admin as a friend (you can unfriend them afterwards, if you need)

Less easy method

  1. Go to your Privacy Settings and ensure that Everyone can look up you by email address.
    Facebook Privacy settings
  2. Go to your profile page and, under your header image, hover over More, then click Likes.
    Facebook: My Likes
  3. On the resulting page, click the pencil (top right in the content area) and choose Edit privacy.
    Facebook: Edit privacy of Likes
  4. This will give you a dialog where you can edit the privacy settings for each category of Page Likes. Set them all to Public.
    Facebook: Edit Privacy of Likes, by category

And then…

Once you’ve followed one of those processes, an existing Page admin can add you to the Page.

To do that:

  1. Go to the Page you wish to administer and choose Manage Admin Roles from the Edit page drop-down.
    Facebook: Manage Admin Rôles
  2. On the resulting screen, you can add a new admin by typing the name of anyone you’re friends-linked with — or the login email address of anyone on Facebook — into the box. You can add several admins at once if you pick Add Another Admin. When you click Save, you will be prompted for your Facebook password. For each admin, you can select which rôle you would like them to have; this affects the privileges they have over the Page:
    Facebook: Admin rôle selection
  3. Facebook’s Help Center has a page on Admin Roles that explains the different rôle types; they’re all pretty self-explanatory when you think about it.
    Facebook Admin Rôles explained

That’s it!



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