Campaign resources on privacy and surveillance (mainly)

So I’ve been clearing out my filing cabinet, which I’ve barely even opened in the four years we’ve been living in Woking. This means I’ve been reminded of a bunch of papers and references I compiled for campaigning — mainly against ID cards. Now I don’t need all of these in hardcopy, so I’m looking them all up electronically. As I wanted to have them as reference, I figure that other people might also like the references, so why not put together a blogpost at the same time.

Also, I had a folder of stuff specific to the 2002 “Snoopers’ Charter” stuff relating to the draft “The Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Communications Data: Additional Public Authorities) Order 2002” to implement parts of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 , which we defeated. Descriptions and summaries of posts to the UK Crypto mailing list are my own analysis added now, not at the time.

The photo Restore The Fourth Amendment 25 was taken by Stephen Melkisethian and was released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence on Flickr.


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