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The following text has been somewhat hurriedly copy/pasted from my Wikipedia user page, which was largely written in 2004 and only slightly edited since. I’ll update it properly at some point soon.

Photo of Owen Blacker and his wife at the Paralympic Games in London, September 2012British guy based near London, mainly interested in politics and history, but a manager of a software development team during the day, with a degree in molecular biology, of all things, from UEA, and very much interested in languagesEnglish is my first language, but I am bilingual in French and can handle a smattering of (in order) SpanishGerman and Welsh, with the odd word of several others. I’m a punctuation fascist (see ISBN 1861976127), but not really one over grammar and make a somewhat individual use of the English language.

In the little free time I have between socialising and wasting time, politics is a big thing for me and I am one of the guys behind the Open Rights GroupmySociety and UKCOD; I was also involved in founding NO2ID. My mores tend to be libertarianleft; according to a hurried Political Compass run-through, I just scored −8.38/−5.08, putting me a bit further left and a little more libertarian than Gandhithe Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela, apparently. I very much enjoy debating my views with people who disagree with me, though; much of my “serious time” online is spent discussing politics in a very diverse group of friends and acquaintances (or was, until I became a Wikiholic). Recent thought suggests much of my personal alignment might be informed by my mother’s Welsh Non-Conformism; very little of my politics, though some of my morals, are more informed by my father’s Catholicism. I tend to describe myself as a Liberal Catholic and — underscoring the Liberal part — polyamorous.

I work for a ad agency, running a .Net development team and being the technology lead for one of our key clients. I have a print-media and digital-media-agency background, notably having worked for Marks & SpencerHertz and uSwitch in the past. I mainly do management stuff these days, though I also code some — generally in C#, though I worked with JSP in the past and also specialised in front-end development, pticly CSS and accessibility. My CV is available on request, but it’d have to be a good offer if you wanna headhunt me ;o)

Umbraco certified developer

CC BY-SA Except where otherwise specified, all content in this blog is copyright © Owen Blacker from the date listed on each piece. As a campaigner for copyright reform, all works here are published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licence. If you would like to make use of content on my blog under some other licence, please contact me and I will try to accommodate you.


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