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A quick update from my phone, as it’s been quite so long since I blogged about what’s going on in my life. Mainly, to be fair, because I’ve not really had a working PC at home all year.

Alan (), Jen () and I have finally moved house, within Ilford. We’re now even closer to the station, in a bigger, nicer flat. We’re settling in ok, though we don’t have Internet or cable TV yet, which should be remedied this month.

The new job is going really well. I’m really enjoying it and hadn’t realised how pissed off the old one was making me. Everyone at uSwitch is really nice and I’ve finally got round to coming out to the lads last Friday and noone’s even slightly phased by it, which is good.

Getting really pissed off with various things about Britain — particularly our government, who I now think are damaging Britain about as much as Maggie did. (Yes, Tommy / , I will reply to your comments on my earlier post 🙂 . I’m also increasingly pissed off with our transport infrastructure, which has been fucked up by Labour’s ridiculous obsession with übercapitalism and PPP schemes (much like our health service). My main bugbear atm is that even our most modern tube line, the Jubilee, has eight-minute gaps in its rush-hour service each morning, which is just ridiculous. Ken should have continued his legal battle against Gordon’s stupid cult of the private sector.

I’m a bit nervous about going into hospital next week. I keep describing it as a “nose job”, but they need to move my nasal septum to sort out my sinus problems, apparently. It shouldn’t be too big a deal — I go in early on Weds, have the op later that morning, stay overnight and get discharged Thurs lunchtime. Then I spend two weeks at home, recuperating and avoiding dust and pollen, lest I get major nosebleeds. Cable TV should be being installed on the Friday, the Net shortly thereafter (and Scott’s offered to lend me a Libretto so I can 3G online, if necessary).

Anyways, I should get back to work (having typed this on the tube, then on the loo), as I appear to have broken all the list-based controls at work, so I need to get a fix out.

Normal service will resume as soon as I get a working PC and a working Net connexion at home! xxx