Quick rant before my meeting

Why is it that Microsoft appear to be completely incapable of writing decent code and documenting it?

I’m trying to work with SharePoint 2007 for a project at work. The developer textbooks haven’t yet been published (and the release dates have recently been pushed back), so all I have to rely on is the MSDN Library’s documentation of the API.

So when I see method descriptions like this (BaseFieldControl.RegisterFieldControl, fuck only knows what it does), I get pretty pissed off.

So I gave some feedback:

This is a public API, that developers need to access to work with SharePoint. Why on earth is there absolutely no documentation on some of these properties and methods?

Ridiculously poor; if one of my developers passed it to me for QA, I would have failed it and sent them to go do it all again, whilst hanging their head in shame.

I wonder if anyone will actually ever read it.

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