Campaign resources on privacy and surveillance (mainly)

So I’ve been clearing out my filing cabinet, which I’ve barely even opened in the four years we’ve been living in Woking. This means I’ve been reminded of a bunch of papers and references I compiled for campaigning — mainly against ID cards. Now I don’t need all of these in hardcopy, so I’m looking them all up electronically. As I wanted to have them as reference, I figure that other people might also like the references, so why not put together a blogpost at the same time. Continue reading

Quick links post for Nix

Saw these two three links and immediately thought of :

  1. An interview with Greg Bear
  2. An interview with Alastair Reynolds
  3. An interview with Stephen Baxter

And, in other news, they’re making a TV series out of The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer. Anyone who likes scifi, particularly steampunk, should definitely read it, if they’ve not already.

This has been a public service announcement.

Edit: Go read the funny reviews on Jordan and Peter André’s “album”.

Now that’s Pride!

And a news item from an excellent post from my friend Nix that I just had to post on. (Though people should go read the whole post. And remember she’s in North America.)

Despite Katrina, New Orleans Pride still went ahead last weekend:

As military helicopters buzzed overhead, about two dozen holdout remnants of the annual Southern Decadence festival marched through the quarter, stopping at one of the only bars open, just barely — Johnny White’s Sports Bar & Grill.


Trying something new…

Now I thought I’d try something new: there wasn’t a lot of juice left in my phone battery, but I thought I’d try writing my blog on my route home. Except that was yesterday and Oragne were having network problems yesterday, so it wasn’t until this afternoon I could email it to myself. Bloody figures.

I’ll update it shitloads, once I get back, not least with all those links I’ve mailed myself and not yet put here, but it could be a laugh :o)

Varied day. The weekend was rather hedonistic — Friday night saw a works do, with free-but-cheap bar, followed by drinks at Retro for RobL and Richard’s birthdays; much hungover sleeping on Saturday (and missing Helen’s birthday meal) was followed by a trip to Starkers with James , Warren and Gwilym (and lots more chatting with Jamie, the deeply hot straight guy). Most of Sunday was spent recovering and getting a little stoned.

Today, by contrast, has been a lot of a chore. Because of the stupid hours I was keeping over the weekend, I was all out of sync with my nicotine patches, so there was no early-morning fresh-patch nicotine hit. By the time I got to work, I was very much craving, but it got worse and worse (naturally) so, by 1100, I had to go to the chemist’s, where they only had Nicorette gum. I think I can safely say it must be the least pleasant substance I’ve ever had the misfortune to put in my mouth. So bad it was that, an hour later, I went and bought some step 3 patches at Tesco and slapped one of those on, along with my step 1 patch. Now I feel much better (and am surprised I’ve had no symptoms of nictone overdose, which is really not fun).

Work wasn’t much fun either. I was meant to be fixing two relatively trivial problems in an affiliates marketing feed for Marks & Spencer, though Andy (who knows the code far better than I) is on holiday and I just couldn’t get my head round it. I spent all day looking at it, yet got nothing achieved. Not a good day.

And, to top it all off, as I was leaving, one of the fittest guys in the office was going for a slash and, because I didn’t realise it was him, I didn’t think to try to catch a glimpse of his knob. I wouldn’t mind quite so much, but several hours of sharing a bed with Gwilym, with one of us prodding the other for most of the night, have left me really needing to get laid. So guess who’s gonna be on the ‘dar tonight, then? ;o)

The new album from the Pet Shop Boys is out today. seem to be a little confused though, as they have the regular version listed (with no RRP) and another version (with a bonus DVD that I’d really like) priced at a large discount from RRP, but “Unavailable” (and since removed). Phoned HMV’s Oxford Street store (after Kevin texted back to say he wasn’t working today), but they don’t have it in their central computer, so I guess it might be a snafu. Ach well.

Not a huge much else to say, so will pend it here (Mansion House, since you asked) and save my phone batteries (and RSI-ridden wrists).

Work today (onto Tuesday now) was deeply dull, though I managed to get a fair amount of extranets work done nonetheless. I think the weather is what really put me in a crabby mood; not even a nice chicken salad followed by Krispy Kreme cheered me up. Though caffeine made me obnoxiously cheerful quite quickly and a nice Thai green curry this evening helped some too.

Last week was utterly manic, as I might have indicated. In the end, I didn’t make Thursday’s NO2ID Open meeting, as I was shattered, but I did manage to get myself hooked into another campaign: the Open Rights Group. I guess any illusions I had about not going into politics permanently are beginning to dissipate.

Anyways, those links I promised (if only to get them out of my Inbox!), with a couple of rather dated ones first:


Another update…

Time for some updates. ‘s been a long week; back in the office from Tuesday, with a break working at home on Thursday, so I could go see the chiropractor. Lots and lots of bits and pieces of work done, including a servlet for Twisted Metal, which looks like it should be a nice little site, as well as the extranets utility and the client–server app thing I’ve been working on for a while. Some help with some internationalisation issues for Brahma. Seem to have managed relatively well switching between very similar languages (C# and Java), so quite pleased with that.

Been pretty wiped out in the evenings, still, so lots of early nights and DVDs again (notably Taking Lives and Nine Dead Gay Guys, which Warren got me as a thankyou for helping him out recently; he’s such a sweetie!) Can definitely recommend the latter, which is immensely silly and very funny. And has Michael Praed (from Robin of Sherwood) playing a big camp Mary. And hot boys.

Had a brief text flurry with Lee, Ruler of the Universe, who is now thirty years old. His birthday present arrived at work yesterday, so I’m looking forward to giving him that.

Lots of NO2ID administravia done, not so much going on in the news there, as we’re firmly in silly season. Had an intriguing email from Danny O’Brien about the British EFF-alike he’s setting up. Though apparently he thinks Welsh is a “jibberish hill-language”, evidently unaware that we have actual mountains in y hen wlad; words will have to be had… ;o)

I’m somewhat underwhelmed by the launch of the new Google Talk, which requires users to have a Gmail account and use that with their Google logins. No thanks, I’m quite happy with (the rather more featuresome) MSN Messenger.

Been Flickr-ing some again: I’ve uploaded all the new photos from my phone and cleared out all the old ones on my phone, many of which I’ll upload over the weekend. Also, I noticed one guy on my contacts has taken some very hot photos of his nephew. Think my favorites are #12, 13, 15, 17 and 19.

Some beautiful new photos in Flickrzen too. And a very cool project using Flickr’s notes to link all the tube stations in Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Seen lots of cool links recently, as well, so gonna share a whole glut of them:

Lots of links